Several years ago, I was working at the hospital, knowing in my heart that something was missing from my career. Deep down I craved freedom and connection - but I didn't know what to do.

Then, on my Wedding Day - everything changed. As I prepared, I saw the freedom that my hair stylist, florist, make-up artist and photographer had as they supported me through the day. I envied them. I wanted to be like them. And it was then that my heart and brain beat the same beat. I realized - I could do it too.

These women all had two things in common. They were business owners and better yet, they were all mothers! Soon after, I started my own journey to create the freedom that I long desired. And the rest is history.


It was not hard for me to decide what I wanted to photograph. I might not be certain about many things in life, but I knew without a doubt that I always wanted to be with my family. They are the love and comfort that my heart yearned for. So, then let it be – family photography. Zachary (my son) is the inspiration, the muse of my motherhood photography. When he was born, my life changed forever. It was the toughest, yet most special season of my life. Those sleepless nights and helpless tears weren’t a match for the unconditional love I felt in my heart when I held him in my arms. I had never known that love could be so grand. Since then, he has become the centre of my life and my world. And I love him, so dearly much!

I adored our moments together, the sweetness of his scent, the softness of his hair, those little teeny fingers and toes that I could not help kissing 1000 times a day. Then, it creeped in, that so-called fear! I began to worry that one day, I would forget these precious things. Time is a thief and I must do what I could to not let it grasp these memories from me. And the only way to do that, was through photographs. When I felt like things had gone hazy and weary, I would look back at these images and remember the moments we had together and the love that we built. And I was happy again.

Surely, I was not the only mother who felt this way. Therefore, it was my desire to help mothers fight back the hands of time and preserve the love in their hearts.

So, let’s connect. I would love to share my experience with you, hear your stories and capture some beautiful memories for you!