With the weather we’re having, it is hard not to look forward to Spring. And when it’s Spring, it’s CHERRY BLOSSOM time!! Haha. With a long, cold and depressing winter, I really cannot wait to see some colour and blossoming happening.

With that being said, this pretty session took place at High Park at the peak of cherry blossom. I LOVE it! The park was FULL of visitors, it was crazy. It’s probably the only time High Park is packed with people – the entire city, to be honest with you. However, it didn’t stop us and we had a great time together with Kristen and her daughter, Isolde. You probably remember her winter session from my previous post. They make such a beautiful pair of mommy and daughter, don’t you think?! I can’t wait to see them again :).

Here are some of my favourite. Enjoy!


Lucy XO