This week, Zachary turned 15 months and I think it’s time for part 2 of my one-year-with-Zachary blog :). Thank you everyone for your messages and feedbacks on my previous post. I’m so glad that my experience could relate to you in one way or another. I strongly believe that by talking about our struggles and sharing stories, we can help making this motherhood journey less lonely, less depressing, but a fun-filled experience.

The second half of the first year, and until now, things have taken a slight turn for the better. Being able to witness Zachary reaching his milestones has been the most AMAZING experience ever! I am so thankful to this country for providing us with a full year of parental leave and to all the technology that we have nowadays, so I could record these milestones to look back in years. We are creating and keeping memories, isn’t that so COOL? …Anyways, the first major milestone happened on the day he turned 4 months – he rolled over from tummy to back. He was so surprised at his action that he actually cried. Poor thing!!! For me, I was jumping with joy, calling Sunjoyo, my sister and my dad to tell them the good news! We did a mini shoot right away to commemorate this huge achievement LOL

By 6 months, the development took its course at the fastest speed. Zachary became a little enthusiastic explorer. He started army crawling around 6.5 months and explored every thing he saw on his way. He loved looking at the washer and dryer when they’re on, but his favourite was the ventilation!! He liked brushing his fingers up and down the metal bars and hear the noise made out of it. It was so cute! Standing up while holding onto furniture started around 7.5 and by 8 months, Zachary mastered at crawling around. He’d chase balls and cars, pulling things down from table and chairs. Since he discovered the toilet and toilet paper, everything goes there LOL.  So far, we were able to keep him out by closing the door, but this past week, he figured out the handle and now could open the door himself. Oh gosh!! Maybe I should start putting locks on the door. Any tips?!

The biggest milestone of the year was his first steps. For months, we know he’s learning to walk but not ready yet. I was really worried that I would not be there when he made it, but so glad I was. It was the best feeling ever! I couldn’t even describe with words. It was simply AMAZING!

My biggest joy, during these months, was to see his smiles and hear his laughters and babbling. We played hide and seek, counted numbers and sang his favourite songs all day long. Those were the best days of my life!! My heart was full, I felt happy and loved every day. It was incredible! A few nights ago, I stayed up late to finish up some work and as I was exporting the photos, I clicked on an old folder that was back in March. I opened a video and OMG, my heart melted that instant. He was 7 months and was army crawling around. He was babbling and trying to grab a toy from his bouncy chair. I watched a few more and I freaked out. I literally FREAKED OUT! What do I do? He’s growing so fast like a machine and I have no way of slowing it down. The scariest thing was to realize that the baby/newborn stage has passed us forever. Those cheeks and rolls, and tiny toes and fingers…I won’t have them back. NEVER EVER!! I tell you, this hard drive is going to be my most precious treasure. We have it backed up in another hard drive and in cloud. I want to make sure that they’re safe for many many many years. I want to look back at these images and videos when I’m 70 and remember my children, and the joy that I had in my life thanks to them. So guys, make sure you back your hard drive up. Not with one but 2 or 3. Keep the memories SAFE!!

BUT…before you all think that it got all perfect, it definitely was not. We still had tears and scream, A LOT. When Zachary first discovered his voice, screaming and yelling were all we heard for the entire day. Then comes many nights of no sleep due to nap transition and teething. In fact, he’s cutting 4 right now and this evening was a little more exhausting than I could admit. It said baby has 20 teeth, so that means we still have 8 more to go. No, not fun! However, what we learned from the first few months was to focus on what works for us, not on books and google. My husband and I both know that Zachary loves sleeping with us. Although he was sleep trained, we do think that it is not necessary to be too strict about sleep arrangement, especially when our primary goal was just to get rid of sleep associations (i.e. pacify, rocking, bouncing and bottles). So on the nights when he was not feeling well or having a hard time with falling asleep (like tonight!), we would bring him to bed with us. He slept, we slept! Our doctor and sleep expert might not like it, but it’s okay. This is what’s working for us and we’re sticking with it. Plus, I will never say no to extra cuddles and kisses, especially when I haven’t seen him for the whole day :P.

There is this one thing, pretty new but was highly anticipated…TEMPER TANTRUM!! We just had one a few days ago and it was quite shocking! I’m pretty sure I will see a lot more in coming months. My question is how you parents due with tantrum? I’m still trying to figure it out. Luckily, we were at home. What should I do if we are outside, like at a grocery store? If you have any useful tips, please send them my way. Much appreciated!

Parenthood is such an incredible journey! I’ve never experienced this many emotions in my life, all at once. It was pretty crazy! However, being Zachary’s mom is the greatest achievement of my life! I wake up every morning feeling thankful that he is mine! The love and joy that we feel each and everyday are indescribable. I know our life will never be the same, for better and for worse, we’re embracing everything that comes in our way. And like people said, this is imperfectly perfect!

Thank you for reading!