I remember being so happy when I received an email from Rebecca, just a few days before my delivery, asking to do a lifestyle session for her and her soon-to-be-born baby. I have done newborn sessions at my home studio, but this would be my first lifestyle at the client’s home. I was over the moon!

The session took place in October, seven weeks after my son, Zachary was born. It was a whole new and different experience for me. Why? – Because this time, I am also a mother. YEAH!!! I can finally relate and share with my clients about being a mother, how it feels and what we’ve just been through. It was AMAZING!

We started the session in the master bedroom, focusing on the connections between Rebecca and her new baby, Samantha. We then moved to Samantha’s nursery for some more mommy and me moments and detail shots. Ken and the kids joined us shortly after. The whole shoot was fun. The kids were absolutely adorable and very well-behaved. We got comfortable pretty quickly and soon enough, they already told me what shots they want me to take for them, haha.

Here are some of my favourite images:



Victoria: “I want to sit at the front. Mommy said it was okay. Can I?”

Me: “Of course”

After we took the photo, Jack came to me and said: “Me too”. He just had to do the exact same thing with his sister. Too cute!!

There are a few things I love about a lifestyle newborn session:

  1. I get to document your new family life right at where you are, where you spend your time together. It is YOUR home. YOUR story!
  2. Timing. With a studio session, timing is very important. To achieve the perfect sleeping poses, I always try to bring the baby in within 7-14 days new when she is still fresh and sleeping most of the time. Studio session is also very lengthy and requires a lot of patience . However, we don’t have to worry so much about all of that with a lifestyle session. It is more about the connections, interactions and intimacy between you, your baby and your family, rather than just the baby herself. We can arrange the session whenever you feel ready and settle.
  3. Travelling with a newborn could sometimes worry new moms and by having a session at your home, it’s definitely more comfortable and convenient.

Lifestyle newborn photography is definitely growing on me. I want to do more! If this sounds interesting to you, give it some thoughts and then call me. Let’s plan your perfect lifestyle session :).