Lots of snuggles for this lifestyle session! Actually, it wasn’t intended to be “lifestyle”…When Bin Bin contacted me, we planned to have just a newborn session done at her place for little Logan. She was very excited to have a few images in froggy and other “famous” newborn poses. I was very excited too! However, things didn’t go as planned. Logan was within a few days short of his 1 month birthday. He was very alert. Although he slept, the moment I tried to pose or swaddle, he woke up immediately. This type of scenario, however, is not very unusual because a newborn session is ideal to be done within 7-14 days after birth. That is to ensure that we get all the newborn images we love while the baby is still sleeping soundly.

Anyway, we proceeded with plan B – which was a lifestyle session. Everything went very well from then on. We got a lot of snuggles with mom and dad, and even squeezed in 1-2 photos with the grandparents. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with how things turned out!

Here are some of my favourites:


Lucy XO