Niagara-on-the-lake has always been one of my most favourite locations for engagement session. Vineyards, wineries, orchard farms, you name it..NOTL has it all. I can’t say enough about this lovely little town and how lucky I feel to live just an hour away from it.

So, it was a HOT and nice summer day when I met with these lovebirds for their engagement photos. You can tell from the photos how much in love they are with each other. The groom has a great sense of humour and I could not stop laughing for the entire shoot. The atmosphere was very comfortable and we had lots of fun. I was actually grateful that they came all the way to NOTL for this session – I suggested it, but to be honest, I really wanted to test out this new location that I had found.

Unfortunately, I could not do their wedding as it was right on the date I was not available. You can’t imagine how terrible I felt. Nevertheless, I wish them a marriage filled with blessing, love and happiness ever after.